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maandag 1 februari 2010

Sheridan's Original Liqueur

Visually stunning both on the self and in the glass, this award-winning cream liqueur is on of the most imaginative drinks ever produced. Not surprisingly, it is also the foremost impulse buy in the drinks market as a whole.
Thomas Sheridan & Sons is owned by the Gilbey's group which also produces, among others, Baileys, the world's top selling liqueur. Like its stablemate, it is produced at the company's plant in Dublin, but unlike Baileys, Sheridan's was an instant success when it was launched on the cream liqueur market in early 1994.
Sheridan's apparent gimmickry should not blind purchasers to the fact that this is a seriously good liqueur.
Collins Sheridan Comments : Its white liqueur has a soothing, white-chocolate richness, the black warming coffee and whiskey flavours and a rounded, chocolatey-nutty finish.
The whole is smooth and elegant, akin to a deliciously whiskied liquid tiramisú.
From Collins pocket reference book : Whisky

Hoe te drinken :
Sheridan's moet gekoeld of met ijs geserveerd worden als aperitief, bij de koffie of 's avonds.
Blijft 18 maanden goed voor consumptie en zou binnen 6 maanden na opening verbruikt moeten worden

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