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maandag 15 november 2010

Saint Magnus in Hoorn

2011/09/22 vandaag is de Earl Haakon geariveerd, kijk hier
Earl Magnus Editions

A series of three limited bottlings, the Earl Magnus Editions celebrate the Viking history and Nordic heritage of Orkney.
Highland Park was established by Magnus Eunson in 1798. Eunson, like many Orcadians, was named after the remarkable Earl Magnus of Orkney. St. Magnus Cathedral was built in the 12th century in his honour and dominates Kirkwall to this day.
The packaging for the three editions is based upon an original Highland Park bottling dating from around 1870. The bottle has been carefully recreated, complete with flaws and defects consistent with those of the original. The 19th century label featured a depiction of Earl Magnus from an ancient stained glass window. The beauty of the label, inspired by the original, can be appreciated with its simple presentation in an etched wooden box.

The three editions are:
Earl Magnus… released November 2009
Saint Magnus… released September 2010
Earl Haakon… to be released 2011

Saint Magnus

Released in September 2010, this bottling celebrates Saint Magnus, one of the six canonized Norsemen born in the 11th and 12th centuries when the Orkney Islands belonged to Norway. He is described in Orkneyinga Saga as “a man of extraordinary distinction, tall, with a fine, intelligent look about him. He was a man of strict virtue, successful in war, wise, eloquent, generous and magnanimous, open-handed with money and sound with advice, and altogether the most popular of men.”

Saint Magnus was a man of peace, contemplation and scholarly learning; spiritual intensity is more a feature of Magnus’ Saga than violence and cruelty. It is a life story of Christian devotion and forgiveness, qualities that are not usually associated with the Vikings, and includes the healing of the sick, crippled, blind and insane. Saint Magnus was murdered by his treacherous cousin Haakon and was canonized only 20 years later

Bottled at a natural strength of 55% abv, this limited edition 12 year old is drawn from casks laid down in 1998 and earlier years. Only 11,994 bottles are available.

Tasting Notes

Appearance:Copper toned honey, clear and bright.

Nose:At natural strength there is terrific intensity with classic dried fruits and honey sweetness. Thereafter glorious notes of cinnamon, dried apple and hints of exotic fruits emerge, followed by a whiff of aromatic smoke

Palate:Immediately intense and rich, the whisky lingers on the palate emphasizing the perfect balance between sweetness and aromatic smoke.
Finish:Long and gently smoky.
Bron: http://www.highlandpark.co.uk/
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