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zaterdag 30 januari 2010

Thembi wijn

Deze week bij de Mitra is de Sauvignon Blanc in de aanbieding. Nu van 6,99 voor 5,99.
Kadotip: in STERRENWIJNZAK Waterman.

New BEE wine brand enjoys successful launch in The Netherlands

South African ambassador Peter Goosen hosted the launch of Thembi wines at his residency in The Hague in Holland. This is the first black economic empowerment (BEE) wine brand to be launched in The Netherlands in some years.

The wine’s founder is Thembi Tobie, CEO of Thembi & Co Wines in Paarl, a recently formed partnership with Boland Vineyards International. Its slogan is: “Crafting wines, enriching lives.”

Fifteen representatives of the Dutch wine press attended the event, as well as Cees Dirkzwager, MD of Holland’s fourth main importer Dirkzwager Groep, the parent company of the 350 Mitra stores where all four Thembi wines were available from mid-November 2009.

The members of Les Jeunes Restaurateurs also plan to list Thembi wines in their restaurants in The Netherlands. All present at the launch event rated the wines as excellent.

The Thembi range of wines consists of a Chenin Blanc 2009, Sauvignon Blanc 2009, Shiraz 2008 and Merlot 2008. They will be available in South Africa shortly through distribution partners Boland Vineyards International.

Tobie believes in high product standards, regardless of BEE status, and has gone on record saying: “I find that people overseas come to your wine stand because they like your label and what’s in your bottle at a good price. That’s all that matters.”

Tobie has been involved in the wine industry for some time with Imvula Wines (previously Sibeko Wines), which was a joint-venture partnership with LGB Wine. She was also one of 10 winners in the FNB Enablis Business Plan Competition in November 2006.

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